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calculator logo Calculator +Calculator + is a powerful, extensible calculator accepting natural formula notation running on Mac OS X.

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A brief introduction to the capabilities of Calculator +

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Using Calculator + you are able to perform both simple and complex scientific calculations. All calculations are done by entering formulas in the natural infix notation, e.g. 3*(3+3^3) calculates to 90.

This powerful calculator offers you a large set of predefined scientific, business and binary functions and operators. Binary operations can be performed for signed and unsigned numbers. You can also define your own functions and group them into different sets. Calculator + is suited for almost every calculation.

calculator log Calculator +A very useful and nice feature of Calculator + is logging. For every performed calculation a line containing the formula and the result is added to the log. By simply double-clicking an entry in the log window, you can reuse the formula. You can even print the log to check your calculation steps later.

It is possible to open (and save) multiple calculator windows, each maintaining its own log, its own appearance. You can customize the behavior of Calculator by choosing options from the preferences panel. You can even increase your productivity by downloading some of our pre-defined Function Sets containing a huge bundle of functions.

Using Calculator +

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Calculator + is very versatile and user friendly. After startup the default calculator window is opened, which behaves like a normal document window and can be minimized and closed without being quitted. On closing of the default calculator, the last formula, the last result, the window position and the log entries are automatically saved.

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By clicking this button the extension drawer is opened revealing additional abilities. The Functions tab offers you more mathematic functions. The User Functions tab allows you to create your own function set. Binary tab allows using binary operations and the Log tab.

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You can use more than one (the default) calculator by creating own user specific calculator windows, the preferences of which are not automatically saved. The user is asked to save them manually while closing the custom calculator.


The user preferences can be customized from the preferences dialog. You can open the preferences window by choosing Preferences in the Calculator + menu.

More Features and Functions

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Calculator + logs formulas and results entered before. To reuse those formulas you can open the Log tab of the extension drawer. To print your log window choose Print in the menubar.

Calculator + contains additional functions in the extension drawer. In the Functions tab you find scientific and business calculations as well as rounding functions. Calculator + also allows operating with binary and hexadecimal numbers and binary functions.

You can increase the power of Calculator + by creating and managing your own function sets in the User Functions tab in the extension drawer. These function sets and single functions in a set can be saved, edited or deleted. You can see the loaded sets in the menubar.

The basic version of Calculator + includes several predefined function sets like unit conversions. Several additional Function Sets can be downloaded here.

dmg Calculator +Download Free Function Sets Package
With our additional Function Sets you can extend the power of Calculator + even more. Simply Download the Function Sets Package and copy the sets to the users Library/Application Support/Calculator +/Calculator + Sets folder.

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